Community recovery after a natural disaster is just a click away. Download the following app onto your smart phone so you have everything you need to know about available assistance, support or how you can help those directly affected after a natural disaster.

Self Recovery

The Self Recovery app provides access to vital information about disasters and emergencies in Queensland.

The app features vital tips for preparing for disasters and cleaning up after them, including:

  • insurance information
  • personal and family support
  • business support
  • how to volunteer
  • how to donate goods and services
  • how to make a financial contribution

There are also very useful interactive features. For example, if you are in a disaster-affected area, you can register your interest in receiving assistance from the Queensland Government via a mobile-friendly form.

The app is part of improvements to community recovery including the use of more sophisticated disaster mapping and clearer eligibility criteria for financial assistance, meaning help can go more efficiently to those suffering genuine hardship.