Queensland’s 77 councils and one town authority will share in $2 million to help their communities prepare for future disasters and severe weather as part of the 2020-21 Get Ready Queensland program.

Living in Australia’s most disaster impacted state, it’s vital all Queenslanders are well prepared and protected against future disasters.

In the past decade Queensland had been impacted by more than 80 significant natural disaster events, leading to a reconstruction and recovery program of over $16 billion. Experience has shown communities that are well prepared prior to a disaster are more resilient and able to recover faster.

Every Queensland community faces unique disaster risks that demand specific actions to adequately prepare. The Get Ready Queensland program supports locally-led, practical preparedness activities and initiatives to help build community resilience from the ground up.

Councils can use their Get Ready Queensland grants for a wide range of initiatives and resources, including online disaster dashboards; first aids kits; business continuity training; first-aid training; targeted resources for vulnerable communities; flood warning signs; community engagement events; and public safety advertising.

We can’t avoid disasters happening in Queensland but we can reduce the impact of those disasters on our loved ones, home, business and community.

While your local council helps prepare your community, you can prepare your household. For practical steps you can take today, visit getready.qld.gov.au or follow @getreadyqueensland on Facebook and Instagram.