It’s only the start of disaster season but it has already been a record breaker for Queensland. Since September, our communities have been impacted by more than 2,000 bushfires and it’s becoming a demanding season for our emergency services.

In an effort to enhance community resilience this season, Get Ready Queensland has joined forces with Suncorp Insurance to expand the reach of the program and assist local communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

Suncorp Insurance advertisement with Johnathan Thurston. A good storm season starts with a smart pre-season.

One of Get Ready Queensland’s key focusses is ensuring people who live in or are visiting Queensland understand their risk of being impacted by disaster and have adequate insurance to help get back on track sooner. The Central Queensland bushfires in late 2018 and severe flooding earlier this year highlighted the importance of understanding your insurance policy.  

Insurance is one of the key elements of being prepared and Get Ready Queensland is proud to be supported by Suncorp Insurance to help extend the reach of program resources and messages.

As a Queensland company, Suncorp Insurance has built its brand providing cover for the most disaster impacted state in Australia. They are driven to work with Government and programs such as Get Ready Queensland to build the capacity of Queensland communities, reduce the impact of disasters and keep people safe.