Visit the Rural Fire Service alerts and warnings to see current bushfires in Queensland.  Remember to bookmark the page so you can find it in the future. 

Click here to see a map of current fires and warnings. 

This map also shows where planned burns are happening. These are when local authorities use controlled fires to reduce the risk of a big bushfire. 

To report a fire, call emergency services (000). 


Fire Warning Levels

When there is a bushfire, the fire authorities will put out a fire warning. There are three levels of warnings that tell you how much danger you are in. 



This means that you are not in danger right now. If you see an Advice warning you need to keep watching for updates. Stay informed and watch out for smoke around you.


Watch & Act

This warning means you must act to protect you and your family. Be prepared to leave your home if you see this warning. Learn what you should pack in an emergency kit here. 


Emergency Warning

This is the highest level of warning. This means you are in danger and need to leave straight away. Leaving as fast as you can might save your life. If it is too late to leave, you must seek shelter immediately.


About the Rural Fire Service (RFS)

The RFS provide fire services to Queenslanders in rural areas. They look after over 93% of the state and have over 28,000 volunteers.

The RFS do lots of work for the community. This work includes firefighting, fire prevention, community education and more. 

Visit the RFS website to learn more about the Rural Fire Service.


Current bushfire incidents map

Find out more and Get Ready

Find out more about your risk of fire and how to prepare. Click the useful resources below for more information.