Make sure your children are ready for natural disasters and are included in getting ready with these handy resources for parents and teachers.


Watch How to find out your disaster risks | Get Ready Queensland on YouTube.

Information For Parents

Queenslanders are no strangers to severe weather. That’s why it’s important to talk to your kids early about the dangers of severe weather so they understand how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. The first step to having an open discussion about disaster risk with your kids is to involve them in your usual preparedness activities such as:

  • Cleaning up the yard
  • Completing and checking your emergency plan
  • Shopping for emergency kit items
  • Packing your emergency kit and evacuation kit
  • Practising your evacuation plan
  • Checking severe weather reports
  • Checking on your neighbours.

Information For Teachers

Coen school students

Help your students understand natural disasters from a new perspective. The Get Ready Queensland team can provide resources and activities to take your students through what kind of disasters they could face and provides practical tips and resources on how they can play a part in their household’s preparedness. Email for support!

Natural Disaster Resources For Children

Watch Birdie's Tree - disaster recovery resources for infants and young children on YouTube.

Extreme weather and disasters like floods, storms, cyclones and bushfires can be very frightening for infants and young children given their limited understanding of the events happening around them.

The Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health designed a series of online books and games to assist parents, carers and teachers help young children process their fears and emotions during and after a disaster event.

Take a look at the Birdie’s Tree books and resources today!

If you have recently experienced a disaster event and are worried about your child’s mental health, speak to your GP or local Child and youth mental health service.

Below are a number of  activities that can help teachers and parents start the conversation with their kids about what weather they might face this disaster season and how they can help.

All activities align to the Australian Curriculum: HPE Personal, social and community health strand. Focus areas: Safety and Mental health and Well-being. And for upper primary, the My Flood Resilient House activity aligns with the Technology Learning area and promotes design thinking. 

Activities For All Ages