An emergency and evacuation plan will ensure everyone in your household knows exactly what to do if the worst happens. You might want to involve your neighbours in developing your plan - neighbours who are elderly or have special needs may need your assistance. Equally, neighbours may also provide assistance to your household if required.

Get Ready Queensland online household emergency and evacuation plan  

The online plan form below should take 10-15 minutes to complete and will be available for you to download, save and print once completed. It can be fully adapted to suit your household's circumstances.

You will need to complete the plan in one session as details entered will not be saved to return to later, so make sure you have all the relevant information.

For those that would prefer to complete their plan offline, a hard copy plan is also included in the Get Ready Queensland 3 steps to Get Ready booklet which is available to download.

Household emergency and evacuation plan

This will be used as the title of your plan, e.g. 'Dixon family'
Please complete the following contact details (as relevant) for every member of your household.
Family / household members contact details
Do you have any pets?
Vehicle/s make and registration
Do you own any vehicles?
Vehicle/s make and registration
Emergency contacts (local)
Emergency contacts (out of town)
Neighbours' contact details
Local council contact details
Do you have any children (including teenagers) in your care at any time during the week or year?
Workplace/s contact details
Include the details for your electricity, water, gas, internet and phone suppliers as relevant.
Utility companies' contact details
Doctor/s contact details
Does any member of your household take any medications?
Household members who require special assistance
Do any members of your household have any special needs (includes the elderly)?
Include below details of all your insurers including home and contents, vehicle, boat, caravan and pets.
Insurance companies
Household safe meeting point
Electricity supply at home
For households who have a built in gas supply.
Gas supply at home
Water supply at home
Emergency and evacuation kit location

Our checklist if we need to evacuate the house