Natural disasters impact thousands of Queenslanders every year.  Each disaster has lasting effects on people, their property and their possessions. Disasters can happen fast and without much warning. This means that it is hard to react to a disaster if you have not planned for one. 

People who get ready before a disaster will know what to do and have the things they need to act quickly and stay safe. The best way to protect you and your family is to have a good plan. 

It is important to understand your risk of natural disasters. This means thinking about all the different extreme weather that might happen where you live and work. Imagine how a natural disaster might impact the way you and your family live and move around your community. By thinking about what might happen, you can then make a plan to keep the family safe.

Use our Household Extreme Weather Emergency Plan to get ready.

Natural disasters can often stop you being able to access shops to get food and medicines. They can also cause loss of electricity (power) and clean water. You may need to live with what you have at home for a few days before things go back to normal. 

A part of being well prepared is having emergency supplies. We have a full guide on what to pack in your emergency kit (box) here. 

Another part of preparing for disaster is making sure you have the right insurance. The right insurance means you will be financially protected after a natural disaster. 

Being prepared can save lives, save money and can speed up recovery.