Queensland has seen 90 natural disasters since 2011. Natural disasters can damage homes and property. This can cost a lot of money to fix and can leave people with debt. 

Having insurance can help after a disaster. It can cover your expenses if extreme weather damages your property. Having the correct insurance can give peace of mind for future disasters. 

It is common that people don’t have the correct cover when a natural disaster happens.


Check Your Insurance Policy

Natural disasters happen in Queensland every year. To get ready, we recommend checking your insurance cover.

Think about what natural disasters might happen to you and your property. Check if your insurance policy covers these. If you do not know, call your insurance provider to talk through your plan.  

Ask the following questions when talking to your insurance provider:

Nine questions to ask your insurer

The Cost of Disaster Cover

One in five Australian adults do not have insurance. Many people cannot afford this type of protection. Losing your house, car or business can be very hard. It is smart to know your options when it comes to disaster insurance. 

North Queensland and coastal residents are facing a rise in insurance costs. This is because of the types of natural disasters that happen in these areas. 

Assistance is available if you need help with disaster cover:

  • Visit Australian Government North Queensland Home Insurance if you live in North Queensland. This can help people living in North Queensland compare cover options.
  • Understand Insurance can help you make better cover decisions. Understand Insurance is not related to any insurance companies. Learn more about cover for all areas here. 


Extra Disaster Help 

Sometimes insurance cannot cover all damage. Extra financial help is available. Different natural disasters will have a different level of financial help. If you own a business damaged by a natural disaster, more cover could help.  Click here to read how the Queensland Government can help you. 


Need Support?

Feeling stressed, sad or angry is normal after a natural disaster. Dealing with these feelings can be hard. Seek help if your mental health gets worse. Also make sure to care for yourself. Taking care of yourself can look like:

  • Eating well
  • Speaking to family and friends
  • Resting 
  • Accepting the feeling of stress

If you need more support, help is available. You can find a mental health service here or contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. Community health centers and your doctor (GP) can also help. If you need help now call triple zero (000) or go to a hospital.

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