Since 2011, Queensland has been hit by almost 90 significant natural disasters. Many people have found out too late that they did not have enough home and contents insurance cover for their property and assets. Now's the time to make sure you're covered.

Check your policy, contact your insurer and start asking questions

Don’t assume you are covered and don’t assume you’ll never be affected or hit by a natural disaster.

Both renters and homeowners should check their policies and if in any doubt contact their insurer to find out what coverage they have in regards to natural disasters.

Here’s some suggested questions to ask:

Nine questions to ask your insurer

Insurance Affordability

One in five adults in Australia goes without general insurance protection for their household contents, car or home. Many of these people are uninsured, not because they don’t want insurance, but because they can’t afford traditional cover.

Rising premiums, especially in North Queensland, due to the impact of recent natural disasters is also a major contributor to unaffordability.

There are resources available to offer guidance and expertise in relation to insurance affordability. Check the links below to find out more about companies who offer affordable and simple insurance policies for low income earners or about assistance for North Queensland residents.

More information on protecting your home