Current Tropical Cyclones

See information about current tropical cyclones on the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website

The BOM website has a live map of all cyclones in Australia. 

Use this map to track cyclones' paths and see if they will hit the coastline. Work out how close you are to the cyclone to see if you are in danger.

Cyclones in Queensland can be very dangerous. If you live in an area at risk of cyclones, there are ways you can prepare to keep your household safe. See our 3 Steps to Get Ready.


Learn More About Cyclones in Queensland

Cyclones cause lots of damage. They can bring dangerous winds, strong rain and flooding. 

Cyclones have a category rating between 1 and 5. Category 5 cyclones are the most dangerous and Category 1 cyclones are the least. Category 1 cyclones can still cause a lot of damage.

Read more information about cyclones here


Getting Ready For Cyclones

Cyclones can form fast. The best way to stay safe from cyclones is to prepare before they happen. Having a plan means you will know what to do if a cyclone comes your way. 

Cyclones affect people who live near the coast and live in warm areas. It is very important to prepare for cyclones if you live in North Queensland or Far North Queensland.  

To plan for a cyclone and other natural disasters, see our 3 Steps to Get Ready


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