Natural disasters affect Queenslanders more than anyone else in Australia. Being prepared for severe weather is an important part of living here. 

The most common types of disasters that can happen in Queensland are:

  • Floods,
  • Storms,
  • Cyclone and Storm Surges and,
  • Bushfires.

Everyone's disaster risk is different. Where you live determines the types of natural disasters that affect you. Some disasters such as pandemic and heatwave can happen to anyone at any time. 

To prepare your home or business, the first step is to find out what disasters you are most likely to see and the time of the year they might happen. Then, think about what impact the disaster could have on  you, your family and your property.  

It is easy to learn about your disaster risk, even if you are new to Queensland. 

Use the links below to find out your risks. Then sit down with everyone in your household to talk about what you have learned.

People talking
Learn how to find your risk, based on your needs and situation.
Pier on beach with stormy sky
Talk to your local council about disasters where you live.
Flooded river with flood gauge
Enter your postcode to see the flood risk in your area.
Bushfire burning
Enter your postcode to see the bushfire potential in your area.
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Stay up to date with the weather.

Where Do Natural Disasters Happen?

Where you live affects the likelihood of different weather events happening to you. Find out what natural disasters are most common to where you live. 

Flooded river with flood gauge
People who live near water are most at risk of floods. When we get lots of rain, waters can rise fast. This affects everyone living around them. If you live near a creek, river or by the ocean you are most at risk of floods.  Floods also affect people who live at the bottom of hills and in low-lying areas. If there is a lot of rain, the water will flow down hills and will collect at the bottom. 
Lightning strikes over the Gold Coast
Storms can be very powerful and cause a lot of damage. They can bring dangerous lightning, hail, strong winds and flooding.  Storms can also occur anywhere in Queensland. They can happen on hot and humid days and can be very common in Summer. 
Coconut tree in windy conditions from Holloways Beach in Cairns
People who live near warm sea water are most at risk of cyclones. Cyclones happen when ocean water gets very warm. This happens in Spring and lasts until Autumn.  People living in North and Far North Queensland get cyclones more often than other Queenslanders. This is because of the hotter climate. 
Fire line crossing through bushland in Queensland
Bushfires are common for people who live in hot dry areas. Fires spread through dry trees and plants. Bushfires are common if your area does not get much rain.  Strong winds can make bushfires very dangerous. On hot windy days, check to see if bushfires are in your area. 
Emergency crew feet on broken road
Lots of other natural disasters can happen in Queensland. Learn about all the different types of natural disasters here.

Make sure you're covered

Queensland has had almost 90 severe natural disasters since 2011.

Many people find out too late that they do not have the right insurance for their property and assets. 

Whether you're a home owner or renter, check your policy to see what you're covered for.  Call your insurer and ask a few questions to make sure you're covered.

Nine questions to ask your insurer

Find out more and Get Ready

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