Queenslanders are impacted by more natural disasters than anyone else in Australia. Being prepared for severe weather is part and parcel of living here. 

The most common types of disasters that can happen in Queensland are:

Everyone's disaster risk is different. Some natural disasters such as cyclones, floods and fire are largely determined by your location. Other hazards such as pandemic and heatwave can happen to anyone at any time. It's important to know what your personal disaster risks are so that you can be prepared. Being ready will help reduce the  impact of a disaster on yourself, your loved ones, home, family, finances and business. 

Your first step to being ready is to find out whatwhen, and where a disaster might happen, how severe it could potentially be, and if you would be affected. 

Whether you have lived in the same suburb your entire life, have just moved to Queensland or are travelling within the State, it is easy to find out your disaster risks. Use the links below to find out your risks, then, sit down with everyone in your household to talk about what you have found.

People talking
Get advice on how to find your risk, based on your needs and situation.
Pier on beach with stormy sky
Talk to your local council about the history of disasters in your local area. Click the link above to find your local council.
Flood gauge in flooded river
Enter your address into FloodCheck to see the history of floods in your area.
Fire line burning through Queensland bushland
Enter your postcode to see the bushfire potential in your area.
Storm clouds over a grassy field.
Stay up to date with the weather.