All disaster preparedness activities delivered using 2023-24 Get Ready Queensland Program funding must use the Get Ready Queensland name, namestyle logo and branding. 

If you have any queries about Get Ready Queensland branding and use of logos please contact the Get Ready Queensland team  via email to

2023 GRQ Branding Guidelines

2023 branding guidelines

Namestyle logos

The Get Ready Queensland namestyle logos are available for download via zip file.  

Where possible use one of the following Get Ready Queensland name style logos with website address as a call to action on any Get Ready Queensland funded council collateral or merchandise.





Email GRQ to request a marquee design for your Council, QRA has an inhouse Graphic Designer who can tailor the outside marquee walls to promote your disaster dashboard and other local messaging. 


Corflute Signage 

Councils are utilising their assets, such as waste transfer facilities, parks, libraries and street infrastructure to engage residents about preventative home maintenance. This initiative aims to encourage preparedness ahead of severe weather, and can be rotated according to the season for example: bushfire season, storms, cyclones, and the wet season.

Email GRQ to request tailored signage for your Council, QRA has an inhouse Graphic Designer who can design print-ready signage. 

Booklets (consolidated factsheets)

The Get Ready Queensland factsheets have been updated and consolidated into three booklets for your use. 

GRQ booklets covers

Co-branded marketing resources

Councils are encouraged to localise program messages by co-branding marketing materials.

If you would like to add your council logo to an existing generic campaign material, or if you would like to create new campaign material from scratch, please contact the Get Ready Queensland team  via email to

Video elements

If you're producing or commissioning a Get Ready Queensland case study or animation, use these video elements to help brand your video. 

Super options and closing screen with Get Ready Queensland logo and statement for use in videos

Find out more and Get Ready

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